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Sun May 19 2024

Your Single Source of Talent Development Information

The second edition of the TDBok Guide has expanded formats and updated content.

The TDBoKTM Guide: Talent Development Body of Knowledge, second edition, is a comprehensive collection of TD concepts, definitions, methodologies, and examples that lays the foundation and guiding principles for those who develop talent in the workplace. Its intent is to meet the evolving needs of today’s professionals and address shifts in the TD field and the greater society.


The first edition_,_ released in 2020, brought together experts from the industry to focus on emerging topics and update existing models and methods. It reflected the Association for Talent Development’s Talent Development Capability Model, which provides a deep dive into the personal, professional, and organizational capabilities that TD professionals must know to develop themselves, others, and their organizations.

The guide is a helpful resource for TD professionals because it saves time and makes their jobs easier with a curated TD library of content, information, and definitions in one place; helps build a business case to achieve buy-in for TD initiatives; and provides an overview of what it takes to augment their organization’s strategic advantage.

Initially available only in digital format, demand led to ATD expanding the TDBok Guide’s reach by creating print, digital, and translated versions. To complete the update, ATD staff and volunteers integrated research, literary reviews, analytics, and customer feedback to provide the necessary insights.

The second edition of the TDBoK Guide offers extra content in six chapters: technology application, change management, data and analytics, cultural awareness and inclusion, talent strategy and management, and future readiness. Other features that enrich the text are improved cross-references, clarified and added definitions, and an updated reading list.

Members can access the online TDBoK Guide for free by logging into MyATD and navigating to My Sites & Resources on the dashboard. The second edition of the TDBok Guide is available for purchase in print edition at TD.org. Nonmembers can purchase a digital version on Kindle, Nook, or Kobo.


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