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100 More UK Companies Join Four-Day Workweek Movement

Published Fri Dec 02 2022


The four-day workweek movement is accelerating. Recently, 100 more UK companies announced their 2,600 workers will be working 32-hour weeks with no loss of pay. The campaign argues that due to technological advances, the necessity of a 40-hour workweek is outdated and that 32-hour workweeks would force companies to improve their productivity or fall behind. Adam Ross, CEO of the marketing firm Awin, one of the largest organizations in the movement, said the initiative was one of the most transformative they’ve undertaken in the history of the company. “Over the course of the last year and a half, we have not only seen a tremendous increase in employee wellness and well-being but concurrently, our customer service and relations, as well as talent relations and retention also have benefited,” he said. Atom Bank, which kicked off its four-day workweek in November 2021, said they saw a 500 percent increase in applications, and that productivity had increased by 92 percent.

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