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While fiscal cliff fears are receding and job growth continues to stabilize in 2013, unemployment is still hovering near 8 percent and more than half of recent college graduates are out of work. Even as businesses begin to abandon recent years’ aggressive cost-cutting measures in favor of more innovative solutions, the question still remains: Are we doing enough to empower both students and employees to function in a world where change and uncertainty are the only constants?


Thu Jan 17 2013


Fiscal anxieties have increasingly continued to trickle down from boardrooms to living rooms across the world and affect modern professionals at a blistering clip. As Fast Company observed last year, the median job tenures now last just 4.4 years. That’s given rise to the emergence of “Generation Flux”―a psychographic grouping that encompasses all age ranges, industries, and executive strata, and whose members now average 10 jobs minimum throughout their lifetime―a phenomenon that merely serves to underscore growing public concerns.

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