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Achievement Addiction: A New Corporate Epidemic

Today's competitive workplace has given rise to a new corporate threat: achievement addiction. But re-purposing work to build highly valued strengths of character powerfully stimulates intrinsic motivation. Both research and experience confirm that intrinsically driven employees are happier, more fulfilled, and are likely to perform better under pressure. It’s clearly a win-win-win situation.


Thu May 17 2012


I was as guilty as anybody of chasing achievement. I defined myself by my job and the money I was making. Had someone asked me who I was without those things, I would have had no answer. As with the overwhelming majority of my clients, my life had been an achievement race to secure a sense of personal value. As with so many of them, much of my value became linked to external markers of success. If I work with famous people, then I must be someone special. If the world’s best athletes request my services, then I must be someone of value. If I build my own successful business, then I must be a success as a person.

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