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Are Corporate Etiquette Classes the Next Big Thing in Training?

Published Fri Aug 11 2023


Workplace etiquette classes are gaining popularity, offering training in “soft skills” like email writing, appropriate communication, and professional dressing. A survey of 1,548 business leaders by Resume Builder found that 45 percent of companies already offer such classes, with 18 percent planning to introduce them by the end of 2024. More than two-thirds of companies with these classes find them highly successful. Many respondents believe that these classes are essential for Gen Z employees to improve their professionalism and help reintegrate after the pandemic’s remote work shift. Reasons for implementing etiquette training included addressing issues with general office behavior, casual attire, and creating a more positive work environment. While 60 percent of companies intend to make these classes mandatory for all employees, 19 percent will require them only for specific groups, with 10 percent targeting new college graduates and those aged 18 to 27. However, these classes come at a cost. Business Training Works, which provides such training, charges $14,100 for a two-day on-site session for 36 employees, while online courses range from $50 to $250 and can accommodate more than 500 employees. Despite the expense, notable companies like Adobe, Chevron, Disney, and Johnson & Johnson have invested in these classes.

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