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Are Workers Skilled Enough to Handle the AI Revolution?

Published Fri Sep 08 2023


AI is coming to the workplace, but are workers ready for it? According to Randstad’s Workmonitor Pulse research, only 13 percent of employees globally received AI training in the past year, despite 47 percent expressing excitement about AI in the workplace. Conversely, 39 percent had concerns about AI’s use at work. Despite these concerns, 52 percent believed AI would improve their career prospects, and 53 percent thought it would affect their industries and roles. The study also revealed that 25 percent of respondents received no learning and development opportunities in the past year. Among Gen Z workers, learning and development ranked higher than flexibility (18 percent) and company culture. Younger employees were more likely to take action if they weren’t offered training opportunities, with 42 percent saying they would leave their jobs, compared to 18 percent of baby boomers. Sander Noordende, CEO of Randstad, highlighted the increasing demand for AI skills and the importance of addressing the skill imbalance between what businesses need and what employees possess. He emphasized that AI is here to stay and can enhance productivity and overall performance in the workplace, urging organizations to leverage employees’ readiness to embrace AI for mutual gain.

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