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Artificial Intelligence Improves Training Outcomes

Published Mon Nov 02 2020


Employee training is essential to the success of any organization; however, this training needs to be administered and managed correctly to be successful. One emerging technology that’s helping organizations to make their training more effective is artificial intelligence (AI). Using AI, companies are improving learning outcomes and creating more competitive, productive workforces. One of the ways AI is helping is by improving learning efficiencies. Using technology like natural language processing, AI tutors can mimic the interaction between a trainee and a veteran professional, shortening learning curves and boosting performance on shortened timelines. Additionally, AI can help personalize an employee's training experience. Studies show a one-size-fits-all approach to training is ineffective, but by using AI, training can be customized to an employee's experiences and learning styles. By doing so, employees will be more engaged with training content and are better able to absorb the information they're presented with. Finally, AI can help provide more objective feedback in the training process, removing biases by using concrete data to create courses and assess learning accurately and objectively.

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