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Basic Characteristics of Mentoring

Regardless of the model or form a mentoring program takes, each has comparable goals and objectives to help the participants increase knowledge, skills, and capacity.

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Wed Mar 05 2014


Traditionally in a mentoring relationship, a senior-level person provides guidance, support, and information for a younger person just beginning her career. Today, with several generations in leadership and workplace situations, diverse communications and professional styles are exhibited. Participants need to be authentic, open minded, and have empathy for other points of view in order to understand the challenges and opportunities that can be encountered in a mentoring relationship. Cross-generational mentoring is happening more frequently—people are acknowledging that everyone can benefit from assistance in some area and that everyone has some wisdom to exchange. Just growing up in different eras and seeing the world through different lenses can contribute to shared insights. In accepting this perspective, people are able to move their mentoring experience forward and have successful and rewarding interactions.

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