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Better Defining a Meaningful Work-Life Balance

Published Mon Apr 12 2021


While the pandemic-induced sea change of where work is performed has benefited workers and employers, there have been casualties along the way—most notably our work-life balances. Without clearly defined physical spaces for work, commutes to and from, and other psychological markers for the end of professional time and the start of personal time, many feel like they are now always at work. This makes other aspects of our lives increasingly difficult and nearly impossible to ever fully unplug. However, the ability to do so is critical to our mental health, so it’s incumbent upon the individual to figure it out. Start by defining what you need. Ask what activities bring you joy, who you want to spend time with, and what kind of physical activity makes you feel healthy. Determine what is possible and draw boundaries around those activities. Work has a way of encroaching and taking over unless these ramparts are maintained, and to do that maintenance work, you must be clear with yourself—this time for self-care and reflection is important—and be clear with others: I will be unavailable after 6 p.m. Understand that the world doesn’t rest on your shoulders and that, more often than not, it’s okay for an after-hours email to go unanswered until the morning.

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