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Building a Better Leadership Development Framework

Published Fri Feb 10 2023


When considering leadership training, it's important to first think about the changes you want to make at your organization, and why those changes are important. This will help guide your leadership development framework, rather than acting in a reactionary manner. To help build out this framework, start with these three questions about your organization: How do people lead themselves, how do people lead others, and how are people leading your organization? When it comes to the first question, micromanagement is clearly an ineffective leadership style. For better outcomes, make sure employees understand their roles and that managers are giving them the tools they need to succeed. They need to be able to work with autonomy and respect the autonomy of others. As for the second question, leaders need to create better opportunities for people to connect with each other intentionally, and a culture where people can feel safe expressing their thoughts and opinions. By addressing the first two questions, you'll start to address the third. People will lead your organization when knowledge grows through your team and knowledge networks are built in meaningful and measured ways.

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