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Dealing With the Root Causes of Burnout

Published Fri Jul 16 2021


We want to think that everyone is fulfilled in their career, but the fact is that burnout is a real problem. Burnout can manifest in many ways, but generally, employees feel disconnected from their work, increased levels of stress, and deteriorating mental health. It’s incumbent on organizational leadership to take burnout seriously and mitigate its effects in their workforce. There are any number of Band-Aid solutions out there that can treat the symptoms, but if you want to root out burnout in meaningful ways, you need to develop a strategic plan linked to the company’s overall values and vision. Talk to employees and create concrete policy changes, with the main priority being to reduce burnout and empower employees. Additionally, don’t mistake toxicity for burnout. Burnout is the result of unmanaged workplace stress, and toxic workplaces are something else entirely. This process will take constant communication and course correction, but the result will be a happier, healthier workforce and a far stronger culture.

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