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Developing Talent in Uncertain Times

Published Mon Oct 16 2023


The fear of AI and job automation often overlook that people are likelier to lose their jobs to other humans who use AI. AI creates new jobs while eliminating some old ones, requiring a focus on developing the right skills and talent to keep up with technology. To address this, organizations need to embrace “pre-skilling,” which means preparing employees for the unknown jobs and skills of the future. Here are some recommendations for pre-skilling. First, focus on potential. Hire and promote people based on their potential, prioritizing soft skills like curiosity, resilience, and adaptability over hard technical skills. Make sure you’re providing feedback. Share data-driven feedback to help employees align their interests and skills with future job opportunities within the organization. You should also focus on talent expansion. Encourage employees to develop new strengths and broaden their skills rather than specialize in one area. Next, invest in mid-level managers. Middle managers play a critical role in unlocking human potential, and their role has become more complex in the AI age. Invest in their development, especially in soft skills. Finally, invest in leadership skills. Prepare leaders for the future by selecting and nurturing those with the right soft skills, emphasizing learning ability, curiosity, integrity, and people skills.

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