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Disruption and Millennial Engagement

Published Mon Feb 01 2021


Millennials are the largest age cohort in the US workforce, and they’re the least engaged. That is, they were until the pandemic hit. Once remote work became the norm, Gallup found a giant spike in millennial engagement—up to 75 percent in some cases. However, this wasn’t across the board. The engagement spike only occurred for remote-working millennials whose managers kept them informed about developments in their organizations and who felt well-prepared to tackle their responsibilities. The good news is that these categories are easy to break down and replicate across industries. For practical purposes, they can be broken down into five variables. Remote work is the first. Only 30 percent of on-site workers were engaged versus 41 percent of remote workers. Add to that a plan of action that was clearly communicated and those numbers climbed to 56 percent. When workers felt prepared for the shift, the rate rose to 64 percent. Clear communication from managers boosted it to 65 percent, and a clear focus on well-being made it climb even more. By focusing on these variables, managers can expect to see engagement rates among their millennial workforce grow significantly.

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