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Tue Jul 15 2014


Today we live and work in a knowledge economy. Some might even argue that it’s morphing into a creative economy. In either case, it’s clear that people are paid to think for a living. And the typical employee makes approximately 200 decisions every day. While many of these decisions are small, collectively they ultimately drive the trajectory of each organization. Effective problem-solving skills are the game-changer at every level, yet little is done to foster more effective critical thinking abilities or to foster brain-healthy habits among employees. Great strides have been made in measuring, surveying, and calculating the value of an engaged workforce. Analysis shows that employee disengagement continues to be a major drain on productivity and the bottom line, accounting for 35 percent of total payroll costs. At the C-suite level, executives understand the importance of enhancing creativity and building a culture of innovation. IBM’s 2010 global study of CEOs found that creativity is the skill most needed for the future of their companies.

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