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Eliminating Toxicity in Your Leadership Team

Published Fri Jun 25 2021


The office can sometimes feel like a middle-school playground—the pettiness, the nitpicking, the backstabbing, the infighting. This sobering reality, though, is that cultural toxicity seldom starts with the rank-and-file employees. It’s almost always a top-down problem. If your leadership is toxic, there are a few solutions to root out the problem and make your organization a healthy, productive place to work. The first is to simply fire the offenders. That’s a hard truth, but if folks aren’t willing to get on board with rooting out toxic behaviors and correcting them, they will only undermine your efforts, and they need to be shown the door. Once the problem leaders are gone, create a clear path forward. The remaining leadership team needs to be made responsible for making the necessary changes to eliminate toxic elements of your culture and replace them with something better. This will involve creating agreements on what will be communicated, how it will be, and how leadership will be held accountable. It will require checking in regularly with leadership and asking for progress reports. Finally, wins need to be celebrated, and fun needs to be encouraged. Work doesn’t have to feel like a chore.

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