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Embracing Change and Challenging Assumptions


Mon Aug 19 2019


A vivid memory from my first ATD ICE was a session conducted by Elaine Beich. At the close of her session, she read aloud “The Little Boy” by Helen E. Buckley, a story that speaks to how creativity in children starts to decline once they begin school. The little boy in the story is told repetitively by his teacher how to do things he already knows how to do, such as draw a picture and work with clay. Each time the little boy would excitedly begin, the teacher stopped him from making his own creation and directed him instead to duplicate what she was making. By the end of the story, he changes schools and has learned to wait on the teacher to show him how to do something, rather than use his own knowledge and creativity. At the time, the lesson for me as a talent development professional was not to be too prescriptive.

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