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Employee Engagement Is at a Record Low—Coaching Can Solve the Problem

Published Fri Feb 17 2023


The world is closer to colonizing Mars than it is to fixing the world’s broken workplaces. That’s a pretty bleak statement, especially coming from an organization like Gallup, which has been tracking employee engagement levels for years. Engagement has reached its lowest levels since 2015\[RA1\] , and employees are longing for the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when employers were full of empathy and offering flexibility. Now many employees feel like they’re back to being cogs in a machine, with 75 percent of global employees saying that they neither feel actively engaged nor actively disengaged with their work. They’re going through the motions, and this apathy is impacting organizational success. Leaders can turn things around through prioritizing well-being and development. “Managers need to be better listeners, coaches, and collaborators,” Gallup recommends. “Great managers help colleagues learn and grow, recognize their colleagues for doing great work, and make them truly feel cared about. In environments like this, workers thrive.”

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