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Ethics and Compliance Training Needs an Overhaul

Published Thu Nov 18 2021


We need to talk about compliance training. More specifically, we need to face some truths about it. For one, it doesn’t work. Very few employees feel their ethics and compliance training was effective, and very few report that their training impacted the way they do their work. This means there is little-to-no return on investment with most ethics and compliance training programs. When training is ineffective, the message is lost, and most employees view ethics and compliance training as a box to check rather than something necessary for their success. There are two ways, though, to improve these training sessions. First, make sure they are engaging. Employees consistently rate in-person or hybrid training sessions as preferable to online-only programs. Second, make sure the training is actionable. Of those who said their training was excellent, 84 percent agreed that they knew how to share a concern about unethical or dishonest behavior in the workplace. Those who said their training was less than excellent do not feel this same confidence.

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