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Find Purpose Instead of Quiet Quitting

Published Fri Jan 06 2023


If you feel disengaged at your workplace, you’re not alone. Many people are experiencing or have experienced burnout recently, and some are turning to a new coping mechanism. Quiet quitting, or resigning to doing the bare minimum at your job, has become a popular way of dealing with modern workplace stress, but experts warn that it might not be the best way to handle professional frustrations long term. Instead of feeling defeated, make it your purpose to thrive in your organization. People tend to feel better when they work for a cause that’s important to them and decide to take action to advance it. Identify what makes you feel disengaged, and talk to your manager about ways to solve it. Could meetings be shorter? Could more flexibility be incorporated into your schedule? Could your colleagues feel more connected with team building activities? Make improving conditions your mission.

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