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Ford Gives 30,000 Employees the Option to Remain Remote

Published Mon Mar 29 2021


The Ford Motor Company recently announced its plans to phase in a new hybrid work model, giving tens of thousands of employees the option to continue to work at home indefinitely, strengthening the idea that the future of work will be increasingly decentralized and flexible. The decision is at least in part based on a June 2020 company survey that found 95 percent of Ford employees would prefer a mix of in-person and remote work once the pandemic abates, and most felt more productive and happier while working from home. “The nature of work drives whether or not you can adopt this model. There are certain jobs that are place-dependent—you need to be in the physical space to do the job,” David Dubensky, chairman and chief executive of Ford Land, the company’s real estate subsidiary, said. “Having the flexibility to choose how you work is pretty powerful. ... It’s up to the employee to have dialogue and discussion with their people leader to determine what works best.” Some experts feel this and other high-profile companies like Facebook and Twitter announcing similar policies will influence other businesses to consider their own hybrid work models by increasing the practice’s legitimacy and longevity.

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