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Four-Day Workweeks Might Be the Future of Work

Published Fri Dec 30 2022


Much like the transition to pandemic-induced remote work, a pilot program for truncated workweeks is promising to further change our professional lives. Hundreds of companies across the globe are experimenting with four-day workweeks, and most employees participating in the experiment say they won’t go back. This shouldn’t trouble employers, though. Studies are revealing that employees with shorter schedules maintain the same levels of productivity while reporting higher levels of engagement. One study, conducted through international collaboration with researchers at Boston College, University College Dublin, and Cambridge University said, “The companies are extremely pleased with their performance, productivity, and overall experience ... Stress, burnout, fatigue, and work-family conflict all declined, while physical and mental health, positive affect, work-family, and work-life balance, and satisfaction across multiple domains of life increased.”

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