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Gamifying Cybersecurity Training for Better Outcomes

Published Fri May 12 2023


We all know cybersecurity training programs can be a little dull. But they don’t have to be. Adding gamified elements to training can motivate employees to participate in these sessions and better retain the information presented. To ensure effective training, gamification should be used in conjunction with other training methods, but it can have a substantial impact. Use scenarios that simulate real-world cybersecurity threats to better gamify your cybersecurity training. These scenarios help employees understand the potential consequences of a cyber attack and the appropriate responses. You should also incorporate rewards and incentives into the training program. This can include badges or other digital rewards that employees can earn by completing certain training modules or demonstrating good cybersecurity practices. Interactive elements will make training more engaging and enjoyable. Finally, consider the frequency at which training sessions are offered—ongoing training will reinforce cybersecurity best practices.

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