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Getting Over Imposter Syndrome

Published Fri Dec 16 2022


If you’ve ever felt like a fraud, you’re not alone. 70 percent of people, especially high achievers, struggle with imposter syndrome. This phenomenon refers to the feeling that success is undeserved and an inability to internalize accomplishments. It’s an uncomfortable feeling and one that can hinder your progress and professional growth. To prevent imposter syndrome from taking hold, you first need to be actively aware of self-talk. Your performance is tied to your attitude, and your attitude is determined by what you tell yourself. One way to silence the negative self-talk is to create a highlight reel. This is a mental list of your accomplishments and positive feedback you've received from others. By quitting self-criticism with concrete evidence, you can avoid getting too down on yourself. It also helps to visualize embodying the qualities of people you admire—a persona that exudes confidence.

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