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Helping Employees Deal With Stress

Published Fri Sep 29 2023


Employee stress levels are high worldwide. 44 percent of employees report some level of stress, a record high according to Gallup’s recent research. The report also highlights, however, that engaged employees are less likely to experience stress, suggesting that organizations can take steps to abate this issue. The researchers emphasize that while stress is inevitable, how individuals perceive and cope with it significantly affects their overall well-being and mental health. Engaged employees tend to handle stress better due to strong support systems, social connections, and access to resources. They also find more meaning in their work and have a stronger sense of purpose, which helps reduce stress-related symptoms like burnout. The report also highlights that engagement has more significant effects on stress reduction than work location. Additionally, it underscores the importance of focusing on employee well-being. Employees who are both engaged and thriving have substantially lower stress levels. Organizations can implement policies and programs that support well-being, like developing managers as coaches and providing access to coaching or counseling services. Leaders and managers should have regular, meaningful conversations with employees, make the most of on-site workdays for hybrid workers, and lead by example in managing their stress.

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