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Helping High Performers Achieve Their Full Potential

Published Fri Mar 17 2023


Identifying high-potential employees and helping them level up is an important way organizations can remain resilient when talented workers are difficult to attract and maintain. Leaders should consider three clear priorities when considering how to upskill high-performing employees best to help them reach their full potential. First, measure them against specific competencies to help expand their leadership style. Most high-performing individuals will have experience managing small teams. Still, they must reach the point where they are managing large teams where they will only be regularly interacting with some. Learning to create conditions where teams can operate successfully without their daily presence will be important in their leadership journey. Equally as important is helping your potential leader develop their emotional intelligence. They must rely on others to get work done, which requires trust, support, and guidance. Empathy is also crucial when leading at high levels and should be prioritized in their development.

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