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How HR Can Support and Develop Managers

Published Fri Feb 17 2023


Training efforts are most often focused on employees. They’re the ones speaking with customers, building the products, and making sure operations don’t grind to a halt. However, this means that the managerial tier is often overlooked. Business leaders often incorrectly assume that once managers have reached their position, they no longer need help. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Being a good manager takes certain competencies which need to be developed. The HR department needs to understand this and advocate for managers to get the training they need to be successful. First, making the case for managerial development and getting buy-in from upper-level leadership is important. Next, provide training that helps them improve soft skills primarily. Many managers are unsure of how to carry out specific aspects of their jobs and might not know how to approach difficult conversations with their team members. Make sure you’re having authentic conversations with them to understand where these deficits are and provide them with the training opportunities they need to overcome them.

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