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How to Assuage the Impact of Zoom Fatigue as Told by Zoom’s CEO

Published Mon May 10 2021


For many employees displaced by the global health pandemic, Zoom has become a household word. And if it’s not Zoom, it’s some other video conferencing platform. From one-on-one check-ins to team huddles to massive company all-hands meetings, many workers’ lives are consumed by video calls. And this can be exhausting, to put it lightly. There are many reasons why video calls are more draining than in-person meetings and quick-chat conversations, but collectively these reasons are commonly referred to as “Zoom fatigue,” or the feeling of exhaustion from being spread too thin in the digital workspace. So how do we combat this fatigue? Who better to ask than Zoom’s CEO, Eric Yuan. He has several suggestions for lessening the fatigue his popular video platform has created. For starters, everyone should take scheduled breaks throughout the day. Also, when setting meetings, try to keep them from running in full hour or half-hour blocks. If your meeting is from 12 to 1 p.m. and you use every minute, you can bet a lot of people are jumping from your meeting into their 2 p.m. meeting. Then to their 3 p.m. meeting, and so on. It also may help to implement internal “no meetings” days so employees can have the opportunity to work exclusively on independent tasks without being interpreted throughout the day.

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