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How to Better Leverage AI in the Workplace

Published Mon Dec 11 2023


Generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the corporate world is a game-changer, and forward-thinking organizations are already integrating AI into their workforce. However, it’s important to understand these technologies are not substitutes for talented individuals. Human abilities, particularly the ability to understand context, are crucial for successful AI implementation. Two categories of critical human skills emerge—effective interpersonal skills (conflict resolution, communication, mindfulness) and domain expertise. Despite the emphasis on technical skills, uniquely human skills, such as communication and team cooperation, are in short supply. Experienced workers’ domain expertise becomes invaluable as AI takes over tasks, preventing the atrophy of skills. Generative AI is seen as a valuable co-pilot for senior employees, but inexperienced workers need guidance to discern accurate information. To best leverage AI, organizations need a framework that emphasizes intentionality, integration, implementation, and indication. Purposeful business models break down silos and allow slack for learning opportunities. Competitive advantage relies on keeping humans in the loop.

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