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How to Develop a Growth Mindset

Published Mon Apr 10 2023


Progressing professionally is contingent upon strengthening your existing skills and developing new ones. However, there is one skill many people overlook in their own lives and their team members’ lives. A growth mindset distinguishes successful people in how they approach challenges. Eventually, something will go wrong. With a growth mindset, though, challenges can be turned into opportunities. To help train yourself to improve your growth mindset, start by setting personal goals quarterly. Learn to understand why some goals feel achievable and others are out of reach. Also, look for opportunities to develop your creativity. Build on other people's thoughts and problem-solve from a place of curiosity. Finally, make more room for failure. Trying something new and having it not work out isn't a reason to be hesitant to try novel solutions in the future. A growth mindset requires ideation and iteration. That means you need to try, fail, learn, and progress.

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