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How to Listen to “Employee Voice”

Published Mon Nov 13 2023


The “voice of employee” is critically important in decision making, but there are several considerations leaders need to get right. Globally, only one in four employees feel that their opinions count at work, indicating a need for more effective employee feedback mechanisms. To help your organization better consider the employee voice, start by considering implications. Before implementing a listening post or survey, leaders should think through the implications and ensure they have a response team with the capacity and will to affect change. Setting up a listening strategy requires resources and readiness for action. Leaders should also leverage the data they already have, including performance data, exit interviews, and past survey results. Seeking additional input on issues that could be resolved with existing data may not be necessary. Once the data is considered, leaders should commit to taking action on survey results and effectively communicating their plans. Neglecting to act on or acknowledge employee feedback can lead to frustration and decreased trust. It’s also important, though, to avoid survey fatigue. While pulse surveys can be valuable, leaders should be cautious not to overload employees with too many surveys. Each survey question should be considered valuable and provide a return on the investment of employee time. Surveys should complement, not replace, in-person conversations and relationship-building. Effective listening strategies involve leaders engaging with employees in face-to-face interactions to foster trust and candor.

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