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How To Make Training More Effective

Published Fri Aug 04 2023


In the rapidly changing business world, it is critically important to enact effective training to build inclusive leadership skills within organizations. That said, there are potential pitfalls in training programs that may hinder progress toward creating an inclusive workplace. One issue is the human element, where unaddressed biases of those selecting training may affect the desired outcomes. Additionally, one-off, infrequent training sessions may only temporarily fix exclusionary practices and may not lead to sustained change. To ensure effective training, do your due diligence in selecting training programs and partners, identifying gaps in education, and customizing training to meet the organization’s needs. It’s also important to solicit feedback from employees and leaders to understand the training program’s impact and challenges and to make necessary modifications for continuous improvement. Overall, building inclusive leadership skills is an ongoing journey that requires commitment, continuous learning, and support from all organizational levels. Effective training can help organizations create a future ready workforce capable of navigating the complexities of inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

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