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How to Overhaul Your Training to Remain Competitive

Published Mon May 01 2023


Old-school approaches to learning and development are failing as new workers are demanding more from their employers. Right now, business leaders are scrambling for a competitive edge while training shortcomings loom large. The World Economic Forum warns that more than half of the world’s workers must learn new technological skills by 2025, but only 34 percent of employees feel their employers are doing enough to support their development. This means we must disrupt training delivery as we understand it. The primary way business leaders must do this is to stop viewing training as a cost sink and understand it as the investment it is. Emphasize personalized, competency-based training that focuses on outcomes, real-world performance, and a demonstration of mastery by the employee. Connect learning culture with business performance, and you’ll realize better outcomes, including better retention, improved productivity, a more engaged and loyal workforce, and greater innovation and creativity.

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