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If Post-Pandemic Retention Is the Goal, Flexibility Will Be Key

Published Mon Apr 26 2021


It’s looking like a return to normalcy is on the horizon, but if you want to avoid costly turnover, studies are showing that normal needs to include a prioritization on flexibility. According to recent research from LifeCareer, 30 percent of employees would walk if they weren’t allowed to continue to work remotely, and 75 percent said they would prefer to work for companies that offer remote work options. This means the writing is on the wall. If your commitment is to traditional, rigid schedules, you’re likely going to lose talent to organizations that are willing to be more flexible. Does this mean every organization needs to be fully remote starting tomorrow? No, but baking flexibility into workday expectations will go a long way in improving retention rates. Consider flex hours, hybrid office models, and more casual dress codes. Also, consider that these models will likely change the way you communicate with employees and offer feedback. Ensuring these mechanisms are in place now will prevent having to play catch-up in the future.

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