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Increasing the Efficacy of Remote Onboarding

Published Mon Mar 01 2021


In-person training options are severely limited and will be for the foreseeable future. Knowing this, it’s important for hiring managers to rethink their onboarding processes. What worked in the office will not work remotely. It’s important to contextualize onboarding processes. Onboarding shouldn’t exist in a vacuum, so providing opportunities to practice and apply learning or shadowing other people with similar roles is vital in teaching new employees how and where they fit in. It’s also prudent to shorten the time to impact with remote onboarding. Instilling culture and values into remote onboarding training sessions will help new employees better understand their new roles and feel more integrated into the company during what can be an isolating experience. With that in mind, provide mechanisms for leadership or senior employees to offer feedback. This will help the new employee gain an understanding of what they’re getting right and what might need more attention. Remote onboarding can be effective; we must understand its limitations and work around them.

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