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Launching Lunch & Learns in a Hybrid Environment

Published Fri Aug 25 2023


In the context of the evolving work landscape, where hybrid and remote work environments have become more prevalent, the lunch & learn model is gaining recognition as an effective approach to fostering collaboration, learning, and team cohesion. To start your own program, focus first on microlearning—delivering information in bite-sized pieces with frequent touchpoints to cater to both in-person and remote employees. Ensure that the content is relevant and speakers are experts, maximizing the value of the learning experience and avoiding disappointment. Establish small groups to structure the format, focusing on diverse topics to attract varied backgrounds and encourage attendance. It’s also important to emphasize human interaction and connection to enhance employee communication, collaboration, performance, education, and morale. Offer recorded sessions and self-paced resources to cater to different learning preferences and schedules, and involve employees in shaping the content agenda, creating a more personalized and engaging learning experience. Finally, prioritize training and knowledge sharing as essential components of organizational progress, incorporating them into working hours. Continuously research and mix up topics to ensure these sessions remain relevant and engaging, and involve employees in topic selection.

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