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Managers Are Burned Out. Here’s How to Help

Published Tue Nov 23 2021


When we talk about burnout, we’re usually talking about employees, specifically. However, studies show that it’s managers who suffer the most, and the problem is getting worse. According to Gallup, the percentage of managers who reported being burned out most of the time or always was slightly higher than individual contributors in 2020, but the gap widened significantly in 2021. This revelation should be troubling for leadership, particularly as it is becoming increasingly difficult to fill open positions and replace unique talent. A few ways to help decrease levels of managerial burnout include opening clear lines of direct, ongoing communication with leadership. One of the main reasons managers feel burned out is because they get conflicting messages that they must then interpret and pass on to their teams. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page about tasks and values goes a long way in reducing burnout. Managers also need to be managed in the sense that they require feedback, guidance, and coaching. Understand their strengths through these processes, and upskill them based on their proficiencies.

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