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Microlearning Is Transforming the Training Landscape

Published Mon Mar 08 2021


With remote work on the rise, employee training needs to adapt, which is why many business leaders are considering new methodologies—including microlearning—to help keep their disparate workforces on the cutting edge. Microlearning is defined by bite-sized content pieces that are pushed out to employees over the course of a few days up to a few months. When microlearning is deployed correctly, it has many benefits including overcoming the forgetting curve - or the function by which the retention of new information degrades over time. Other benefits include a faster transfer of information, the fact that microlearning is highly customizable across positions and across industries, and microlearning sessions usually see higher levels of engagement. With the rapidly changing nature of work, the utility of long-form, traditional learning modalities is waning. Meeting people where they are with the information that they need is the future of workplace training, particularly in virtual spaces.

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