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No, It’s Not That No One Wants to Work Anymore

Published Fri Dec 23 2022


Let’s face it. Attracting new talent is difficult, and retaining that talent once it’s in the door is even harder. With vacancies growing and employee demands mounting, it’s no surprise many business leaders are throwing their hands up with the sentiment that “No one wants to work anymore!” While these are frustrating issues, this is a defeatist attitude, and one that will not serve an organization well. If you want to attract and keep new talent, accept that this isn’t a work ethic crisis: It’s a failure on the part of employers to keep up with the times. To win the war for talent, embrace employee desire rather than push against it. For instance, if your employees want flexibility and you don’t offer it, they’ll find an organization that will. The mentality that simply offering a job is enough to garner loyalty is dated, and leaders who continue subscribing to this idea are going to fall behind.

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