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Post-Pandemic Talent Acquisition and Retention Strategies

Published Mon Mar 08 2021


If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that virtual work is valid work, and it will be around long after the global health crisis has passed. However, this means that business leaders will have to rethink the ways they are attracting and retaining talent as these efforts move increasingly to virtual spaces. One of the ways leaders can do this is by giving up control and accepting their roles as coaches and collaborators. “Real engagement comes from internal rather than external motivation, which requires purpose, autonomy, and mastery,” says Ozlem Sarioglu of SparkUs Digital Coaching. “Do you support people in defining their own purpose? Do you give enough room for autonomy?” Additionally, despite having a more decentralized workforce in the future, it’s important for leaders to nurture a sense of belonging in virtual spaces while encouraging a strong work-life balance with built-in flexibilities. “Offering genuine autonomy and scheduling flexibility is the best thing you can do for your virtual workforce, and unlimited time off should be included with that,” says Jonathan Westover of Human Capital Innovations. “Set performance expectations based on productivity, not the tracking of time. Additionally, since other workplace perks may no longer be meaningful to your people, reinvest those saved resources directly into your people and their growth.”

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