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Re-Energizing a Worn-Out Team

Published Mon Nov 28 2022


Stress and burnout are reaching epidemic levels, and there’s little doubt that your teams are afflicted. If you’re sensing a lack of energy and motivation, it might be time to re-energize your depleted staff. Start by initiating purpose-driven career conversations, and make them routine. Ask about your team members’ goals, and help them plan ways to get there. This legitimizes and validates their desires to do better and can help them think of ways to get past their current roadblocks. Also, consider how remote work might have increased your team members’ sense of isolation. Create space for people to talk about how they are struggling, and look for opportunities to provide mutual care and belonging—even in remote and hybrid environments. Leaders must take part in these exercises, too. Vulnerability goes a long way, and having leaders share their challenges can be affirming for employees.

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