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Remote Employees Are Feeling Unmoored

Published Fri Sep 01 2023


Employee engagement in the emerging hybrid and remote workplace in the US is a mixed bag. While overall engagement has slightly increased to 34 percent in mid-year 2023 from 32 percent in 2022, a concerning red flag has emerged: Remote workers’ connection to their organization’s mission and purpose has hit a record low. This decline is particularly pronounced for employees working exclusively remotely. Engaged employees are those who are enthusiastic and involved in their work and workplace, while disengaged employees are disgruntled and disloyal due to unmet workplace needs. The ratio of engaged to actively disengaged workers is 2.1-to-1, up from 1.8-to-1 in 2022. However, the report highlights that even as employees become better equipped to do their work remotely, their connection to their organization’s mission and purpose is eroding, leading to less loyal and more “gig-like” relationships with employers. The survey identifies areas of improvement in engagement, including understanding expectations, access to materials, and opportunities to excel, yet these areas still lag behind pre-pandemic levels. To address this, Gallup suggests that organizations must intentionally manage remote work to prevent psychological separation, which could lead to isolation and decreasing engagement.

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