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Remote Work Is Here to Stay

Published Mon Jan 04 2021


One of the most significant ways the pandemic affected modern culture was transforming the way we work. Most employees were forced out of their traditional office roles and into remote employment situations where the conference room was traded for Zoom calls, and the cubicle was forgone for the living room. Obviously, this transition created challenges, but for the most part organizational leadership has recognized that remote work is viable and employees are going to expect more flexible arrangements even after the global health crisis has ended. “I don’t think it will necessarily be as flashy as 2020 has been, with this huge overnight change, but I think 2021 has the makings of being an important year in terms of the foundation of the next level of remote work,” says Brie Reynolds, a senior career specialist at FlexJobs. “More employers have a stake in it now, so I think we’ll see the foundation for what remote work will look like for the next five or 10 years being laid in 2021.”

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