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Research Identifies Hybrid Work “Sweet Spot”

Published Fri Sep 01 2023


New research from McKinsey suggests that while employees strongly favor hybrid work, the ideal balance between in-office and remote work is a topic of discussion. Their findings reveal that spending around 50 percent of working time in the office is optimal for hybrid work, offering flexibility without the drawbacks of full-time remote work. The study, based on data from McKinsey’s global teams throughout 2022, suggests that spending half the time on-site, whether at the office or client sites, outperforms a fully remote or fully in-person approach. This balance varied in implementation; for employees whose roles involve client visits, it could mean alternating weeks between the office and remote work. For those on a five-day week, this might translate to two or three office days. The research highlights that when teams spent at least half their time working together in person, it improved collaboration, mentorship, trust, retention, and overall performance. Meanwhile, remote work for two to three days each week allowed for focused work, enhanced psychological safety, and a sense of belonging. The study emphasized the importance of clear boundaries and expectations in any work arrangement. In the “hybrid sweet spot,” in-person days should be centered around activities that benefit most from physical presence, such as workshops, feedback sessions, and brainstorming.

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