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Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

Published Sun Nov 05 2023


Conflict resolution is described as the process of finding a peaceful solution to disputes involving two or more parties, and this skill is something everyone can hone. There are two primary types of workplace conflicts: substantive conflicts and personality conflicts. Substantive conflicts are work-related and often arise due to differences in opinions or priorities. Personality conflicts stem from emotional differences and can result from diverse communication styles or personal views on topics like politics or religion. The importance of conflict resolution is underscored as it can prevent toxic workplace situations and foster a healthy work culture. Ignoring conflicts may lead to poor productivity, low job satisfaction, and high turnover rates. To better address conflict in the workplace, start by addressing conflicts early to prevent them from escalating. Choose a facilitator who can be a mediator, manager, or external party, and set clear expectations and ground rules for the conversation. Actively listen to both sides without judgment and strive to clarify the source of the conflict, which may be hidden beneath the surface. Finally, be sure to follow up to monitor the effectiveness of the resolution and learn from the experience.

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