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Rethinking Employee Training

Published Mon Dec 11 2023


Organizations globally invest billions in training, with the US spending over $100 billion in 2022. However, studies reveal concerning trends: Only 25% believe training enhances performance, 85% of employees lack engagement, 70% feel unskilled for their roles, and just 12% apply learned skills. This prompts reflection on the purpose of learning. Continuous learning often focuses on credits for promotions rather than practical skills, leading to flawed incentives and outcomes. German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus found that without application, people forget 75% of learned information in six days. The modern workforce seeks purpose and autonomy, shifting from traditional bosses to coaches leveraging strengths. This dynamic landscape demands Lean Learning, which emphasizes customer-defined value, improved outcomes, and cost reduction. The approach involves short, relevant micro courses, real-life applications, employee-generated content, and a shift from credits to results. The goal is to apply knowledge for value creation, not just acquisition. Leaders must ensure L&D investments yield scalable results, making learning a continuous, value-driven process.

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