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ROI Performance Evaluation at AgCo

To explore the effectiveness of training initiatives at AgCo, the ROI Method was applied. The ROI Method is a systematic and methodical measurement and evaluation approach that focuses on five levels of data and evaluation thereof to determine the effectiveness of a performance improvement initiative. Objectives for each level of evaluation were identified, data collection tools and analytical approaches were developed, and an approach to isolate the effects of the program was devised.


Thu Oct 18 2012


AgCo, a California agricultural organization that specializes in producing materials for the production of woodwind reeds for the saxophone and clarinet, has between five and 50 employees (seasonally dependent) and annual sales of less than $500,000. Production starts with the harvest of cane― a plant similar to bamboo―and continues with subsequent processing of the cane. After the cane is properly prepared, it can be cut into small tubes, which are split along their length into quarters called “splits.”  

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