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Skills and Traits to Look for When Hiring

Published Fri Sep 29 2023


Hiring is one of the most difficult tasks facing managers and leaders. But prioritizing a handful of essential traits can make the process easier. Identifying candidates with the following traits will help you find the best fits for your organization. First, make sure the candidate is personable and has strong people skills. Interpersonal skills are crucial for client-facing roles and team collaboration. Additionally, make sure they are goal-oriented. Candidates with clear goals and aspirations tend to be more ambitious and goal-driven, which translates to their daily work. They should also display strong problem-solving skills. Valuable employees can think creatively to find efficient solutions to challenges and obstacles. For specialized roles, ensure candidates have the necessary technical skills and familiarity with relevant software or tools. Confidence and decisiveness are also valuable traits that promote innovation and effective decision-making. Finally, assess if they are teachable. A willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies and business models is crucial, especially in rapidly evolving industries. By seeking these traits in job applicants, you can improve your chances of building an effective and cohesive team that aligns with your organization’s goals.

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