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Skills To Help Avoid Burnout

Published Mon Apr 10 2023


Burnout is a growing concern for employees and employers alike. No one is effective when they push themselves beyond their limits for long periods, but unfortunately, modern work cultures often demand just that. If you’re feeling exhausted, cynical, or ineffective in your organization, these could be signs that burnout is over the horizon. However, there are skills you can cultivate and tactics you can use to avoid potential problems. Conflict avoidance is one key trait an employee can improve to combat burnout effectively. Ask your employer if training is available, or if no formal training programs exist, ask your manager to help coach you through conflicts when they arise. Mindfulness is another important skill that can be developed as a buffer against burnout. By focusing on the here and now and understanding your locus of control, stressful situations will be much easier to manage.

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