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Sobering Statistics About Our Workplaces and What to Do About Them

Published Mon Nov 20 2023


Several concerning workplace trends are currently emerging, and leaders need to take note to address them adequately in their organizations. For instance, did you know only 23 percent of US employees trust their organization’s leadership? This signals an overall decline in morale and engagement. However, trust can be regained through leaders implementing specific actions. Another sobering statistic is that just 23 percent of employees feel they receive the right amount of recognition for their work, with only 10 percent being asked how they prefer recognition. To address this, managers should provide meaningful feedback, aligning with employees’ preferences. Another cause for concern is that 51 percent of employed workers globally are actively seeking new jobs, emphasizing the need for leaders to deepen relationships with star talent and engage in meaningful conversations. Finally, unethical behavior at work is underreported, with only four in 10 employees reporting it despite nine in 10 believing they've witnessed unethical behavior. Organizations need to find ways to address this silence and encourage open communication. Overall, leaders need to recognize the importance of asking the right questions to understand employee engagement, connection to culture, and alignment with leadership goals, ensuring organizations stay responsive to evolving workplace dynamics.

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