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Spain to Launch Program Promoting Four-Day Work Week

Published Mon Mar 22 2021


Spain is positioned to become one of the first countries in the world to experiment with a four-day workweek—decreasing workers’ hours on the job without reducing their pay. The argument is that longer hours don’t necessarily translate to higher levels of productivity and that the reduction in hours would preserve—if not increase—the number of jobs in the labor marketplace. While the details haven’t been completely worked out, the Spanish government is proposing a three-year, €50 million proposal that would allow interested organizations to give the idea a shot while limiting risk. Their out-of-pocket costs would be 100 percent covered during the first year, 50 percent in the second, and 33 percent in the third. Spanish politician Iñigo Errejón says this is the natural progression of labor and that the four-day workweek will likely become the worker debate of the modern century. Errejón took to Twitter to laud the program, saying that, “Its time has come.”

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